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Do your clients need help finding the right HR software?  Each month our team of HR Tech experts helps hundreds of companies with vendor selection for ATS, HRIS, Payroll and more.  Refer your clients and get rewarded!

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About Our HR Tech Advisor Program

How we help companies find the right HR Tech

Our Mission: Helping organizations find and buy the right HR Software

You can now offer your clients a direct connection to unbiased, expert advice. Our white-glove service is proven to help confused software shoppers become confident buyers. 

Connect the buyer with one of our dedicated HR Tech Advisors to identify their specific requirements, budget, and timeline. 

Find the best matches by leveraging the expertise of our in-house HR Tech research team, user reviews, and third-party data.

Introduce your referral to the vendors who make the best software for their businesses' unique needs.

When a Consultant Sends a Referral to us, we:

Our Advisors remain available throughout the purchasing process and beyond. Working one-on-one with an expert advisor equips buyers with the necessary skills to buy software confidently throughout their careers.


Refer other HR Consultants, Increase Your Rewards

 Refer other consultants and earn 20% of their rewards

 Let other consultants know through email, social, or communities using your referral code

 Allow them to help their client base with HR Tech vendor selection, and earn more money

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have specific questions about this program, who can I contact?

You can reach out to SSR's Founder, Phil Strazzulla by emailing him here.  You can sign up for the program here.

What is an affiliate program and how does it work?

An affiliate program is a partnership opportunity that allows individuals and organizations to earn commissions by referring customers to SelectSoftware Reviews. As an affiliate, you promote SSR's offering through unique referral links and embedded forms. When someone talks to one of our HR software advisors, you earn a commission.

Who can apply for the program?

HR blogs, newsletters, communities, consultants, brokers and influencers are eligible to participate in this program. Anyone with an HR audience that needs help finding the right software can send us software buyers to help.

How are my referrals tracked?

Referrals are tracked in our CRM, Hubspot.  We create a shared google sheet so that you can see all referrals that you have sent, and the status of each in real time.

What are the payment methods?

We are able to pay affiliates through PayPal or ACH transfers (international and domestic).

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What is a qualified referral?

Our program pays out any time you refer someone who is a decision maker interested in buying HR software, and we have a conversation with them.

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 Get payouts via PayPal or ACH

Monthly Earnings Calculator

Assumes average referral size of 75 employee company buying HRIS and Payroll

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